Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fridgidare Dishwasher..........by Diane Ogden

It came to my attention I was eating the tiny
particles of garbage dried on my plates and glasses after they were supposed to be cleaned in my dishwasher. So I did what Google said as I always do. One would think Google was kin to me..... Google said to wash the empty dishwasher with bleach and or other such toxic chemicals so I did. Glasses still had dried grunge on them. Had to soak them for two days in the sink to loosen the rock hardened particles. At this point I took the bottom filter, and three other pieces out of the carriage area. I laid them out so I would remember how they went back in and of course during the whole transaction I forgot. I thought I got it back together but maybe    notsomuch.  Finally I called maintenance.  I didn't want to call them because I didn't want them to find Bob Ogden.  If they found Bob Ogden or he heard them come in he might start meowing loudly thinking it was his mama me!  He does that when he hears me come home.  I think he must be one of my reincarnated dogs or relatives maybe.  Bob seems to have supernatural talents like me.  And I really didn't want maintenance to see all my signs everywhere saying, "I HAVE ONE MILLION DOLLARS THANK YOU."  Okay back to my point. Maintenance came.....  left a note saying I needed parts as the dishwasher  is old.  I was fairly offended thinking he was making reference to me!  Sure I am old and sure I could use some new parts but come on that isn't nice.  I let it go.  Next day he came back without warning and left the old sprayer arm on the counter so I could see the damage. 

Dang thing was burned! That looked dangerous to myself and my little farmette. There were times I could smell burning plastic which I know causes cancer so I would check to see if anything fell into the bottom of the dishwasher. Nope never found anything yet still smelled it. Notsogood.  Oh, lest I forget the maintenance guy told me not to put knifes in the utensil holder as it probably stopped the arm from moving.  Really?  No.... The sprayer arm was broken and laid directly on the heating element. I am not a dummie. Probably protecting the complex from a possible law suit. But it all ended well....   The dishwasher is repaired and the glasses are clean. No inferred notes were left behind saying anything or anyone needed new parts and I never got sick from eating clean garbage grunge.  And ALSWELL as my license plate says.   So until tomorrow, be safe, be well, be happy, and get rich like me cause its easier.  You could buy a condo with a Bosch Dishwasher!   Laters

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