Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Folies Bergere" and the Parrot.................. by Diane Ogden

Two days ago I decided to purchase something I have wanted for years.  Why now?  Before the new used car payment becomes a part of my budget.  I bought a large beautiful colorful Parrot that sits in a ring.  This will go on my front porch this year.  He is so inviting. 
My next fun purchase is going to be a whimsical Boudoir Stool.  I have actually been looking for a larger table similar to this with long legs and high heels to no avail.  So for now this one shall be it for me. 
Probably not very exciting to anyone but me.  Yup I am very happy with my Parrot and my Folies Bergere Bouroir Stool...and my new used SUV. 
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