Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Doberman Buster.............by Diane Ogden

I got bored today.  I was walking past Buster (this is a dog I bought for my 4th son Christopher when he was in high school....  not sure why...  When Christopher left for his world tour many years ago I got custody of Buster.  I tried to get Chris to put Buster on top of his car (like in VACATION with  Chevy Chase's Dead aunt or Romney's REAL dog OMG)  But he relingquished Buster to me...  So I move him around the house until such time as Christopher returns and reclaims him.   Back to my point.  I noticed Buster sitting there all alone and bored. That is when an idea raced into my mind.  They ususally do.  I ran to my jewel box. I chose three possible effects.  I then ran (well I actually walked) back to the l.r. and placed each effect on Buster..... I chose the right one then ran (well I actually walked) to my new camera and took a pic of the now happier Buster.( Actually I am the now happier.) If you have any ideas on how to keep him happy until his master returns I would be ever so grateful to hear such ideas. Until then.  Be safe, be happy, be well, and rich like me so you can take your Buster to doggie day care like I do.  He just sits there though!  I think he misses Chris. I do.

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