Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Captive Range......................by Diane Ogden


Have you ever noticed the various and many business's that have camera's installed. Banks where we keep our green paper that may end up worth little or nothing...yet no camera's at the Nursing Homes where our precious ones find themselves in their last days. Camera's in empty parking lots in case anyone is robbed... yet no camera's to view the living being robbed of their dignity and their will to live on. Camera's in office buildings to insure employee safety...yet none in nurse homes to ensure (discarded) humans safety. Am I being too harsh? Not a chance! I watch it every day when I visit Berdie. Some of the aides are very kind and a camera would show that kindness. Some are short tempered, impatient, loud, pointing of fingers at needy patients, self orientated and so on. Would it not be fun to have them all exchange places for even an hour. Let them sit on the toilet for 45 minutes because the aides are busy. I would like to see someone say: All the aides into wheel chairs! NOW! No you may not have more juice! Sorry your confused, sit there! Stay on that hard cold toilet until I get back! No I cant help you, I said No, I have to be somewhere else! And so on..in short loud curt voices....
If you take them, the aides and nurses that is, cookies and treats and kiss their naughty donkey's (ass's) maybe your auntie will get better care. But a camera would solve it all! And this is one of the Top Nurse Homes in our State. Its like I felt God told me a long time ago during a prayer time and while I was walking on a side walk avoiding stepping on ants. He said, "That is all you mean to the devil (and some people), in fact not even that much. He will step on you just to watch you suffer and make you think he is bigger than he is...so stay on the "right path" best you can and pray at all times for you and yours protection. You are the key to your own door."

p.s. This post is from two years ago.  My God Mother Berdus Knickmeier passed away alone in a tiny room at a nursing home the size of a walk in closet. (her $ ran out) Her bathroom door was a curtain and she had to have a roommate.  She helped people all her life and that is how her's ended. I call those places "dying Mills."    
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