Friday, May 17, 2013 Diane Ogden


See, this is Buster! He has been sitting in my apt. for ten + years waiting for his best bud Chris (my son) to come get him. You see, Chris rec'd Buster as a Christmas gift when he was in High School. Okay move on 12 or so years later.    So finally Chris come home with a traveling partner Babbette. BUT...their car was overloaded with "stuff," so Buster had to stay.  I told Chris he needed to take Buster with them to Yellowstone. They had already traveled from L.A. to Sedona, to Texas, to Wisconsin, then New York, then back to Wisconsin, and now with Buster in tow, to Yellowstone. Personally I pushed for Buster! I felt Buster would give the many humans that viewed him a jolt for joy! Can you imagine seeing the amazing dog friend atop a car crossing country. Reminds me of the movie VACATION..when they put the dead Grandma on top the car (see below) and kept going. I laughed at that movie until I cried..and here we were again. BUT, no room for extra Buster/Grandma weight on the car.

Well shitski anyway. What a hoot this would a been huh? Buster trucking with the kids cross country, giving so many such joy! O well, Buster is now back in my spare bathroom sitting there alone again for God knows how many more years. I can't put Buster on top my car... I can't....wouldn't be the same!  Buster can wait, he's the best at waiting... he sat in Chris's room since the mid 90's...I better put a caretaker for him in my will for sure... I will!  Few years have passted and Buster now sits in my l.r.  I got bored last week and decided he needed some adornment.  Check out his new necklace!!  Ivory baby! Isn't he a proud boy. Or girl, actually not sure as he is not anatomically anything.  Humm, never really checked that in all these years.  The face just looked like a Buster.  In the wintertime I put him at my porch door.  Imagine any stranger that might try to 'break in" finding the face of Buster.  Works for me. 
So until next time, or until I find a funny, or some good news,  Be Happy, Be Safe, Be Well, and get rich cause its easier.. (I forgot to buy a lotto ticket, dang)  Laters
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