Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wake up!.................... by Diane Ogden

You have heard it said over and over that you and I should
Be thankful,  write down our grateful lists, think positive, talk positive, be nice to everyone and so on and on and on.  Sometimes we ignore it all and go about our business.  In fact most times life is so busy we just keep moving.   No time for yoga, or simple sitting in a comfy chair and meditating, or getting ready on Sunday morning for a run to any church to give thanks.  I dislike preaching to others.  Rather I tend to mother everyone so here I go again. 
I woke up with several particular unpleasant thoughts.  No I did not eat garlic before retiring.  I did not say expiring.  But that is what I saw.  I saw in my minds eye why I should be doing all the aforementioned things.  Being thankful, making gratitude lists, talking  positive, being kind and so on.
1- Somewhere someone is drowning
2- Somewhere some one's family home is burning to the ground
3- Somewhere a child is being kidnapped and harmed
4- Somewhere someone is on a breathing respirator
5- Somewhere a boat full of people is sinking
6- Somewhere there is a deadly avalanche
7- Somewhere a person is getting beat to death
8-Somewhere a dog is being misused
9-Somewhere a child is being beat up
10- Somewhere an earthquake swallowing people 
11- Somewhere a car accident - all expired
12- Somewhere some one's Grandma is taking her last breath
and she wasn't finished living yet
13- Somewhere a soldier lay bleeding from loss of limb
14- Somewhere someone is receiving chemotherapy
16- Somewhere someone is in a ambulance
17- Somewhere someone is lost in a dense forest no way out
18- Somewhere someone is going into surgery not knowing they wont come out
19- Somewhere some one's house is being robbed
20- Somewhere a child found a gun and shoots it
22- Somewhere someone is being raped
23- Somewhere someone just got shot several times
24- Somewhere the family pet of many yearss is dying
25- Somewhere the family car engine blew and there is no money for another one
26- Somewhere people sleep outside as they are homeless
27- Somewhere someone is hungry
28-  Somewhere horrible things are happening!
But not to you and I.  I am thankful.  So BE HAPPY, BE WELL, BE SAFE, AND BE THANKFUL.
Laters (I hope)
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