Thursday, April 4, 2013

Today I Met a Diane Ogden

We all know that is the famous Lady GaGa.  And she is a dead ringer for the woman I am telling you about that came upon me today. 

She was a witch.  No not the put a spell on you kind of witch, although she definitely put something on me for about 60 seconds or so of my life.  She was pretty and fancied up lady driving a big honkin White SUV.  I was on a narrow city neighborhood street where two cars cannot pass each other at the same time.....  Especially if there are parked cars on either side.  And that is exactly what happened.
I was stopped behind a right side parked car waiting to turn left and also waiting for an oncoming car to pass through the narrow roadway.  At that time I look into my rear view mirror and see this woman
with the meanest look on her face.  It amounted to the old saying, "If looks could kill I would have slumped over the wheel."  Do recall there is a car coming from the opposite direction of which she could have cared less.  There were no yellow lines so she "gunned it,"  "gassed it,"  "goosed it," " put the pedal to the metal,"  'hit the gas,"  "floored it," "accelerated," and so on....she flew by me and toward that oncoming car with the speed of lightning all the time sending me HATE!  I was just trying to get to my first job.  I remained calm.  She was the nutcase that had to get somewhere fast.  She made it using some serious swerving action.  Sometimes I think those sort of people do better.  They just get on out there and "cluck" the rest of us.  No, I don't want to be like Ms. Stink Eye! 
I think we have all experienced an ugly person while driving.  Today was my turn.  So until I find something funny, this is it.  Be happy, be well, be safe, and get rich so you can have a pretty white SUV, and be happier than witch lady.  Laters.
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