Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Rescue CR-V! Diane Ogden

Yesterday I turned the "roots" of my hair orange-ish. So today I was on the other side of town in a salon sitting in a repair chair. 
Then onto Culvers for a fast food Chicken Cashew Salad with FRENCH not Ranch dressing.  Do recall they like to give me the wrong dressing whalla I am lactose intolerant and get home with no dressing.  I have learned not to drive away without checking.  People from Mexico do not always catch the diff between F and R.  No offense.  Then home to relax.

Later today I was checking my emails and found one from Wilde Honda. There was an SUV listed that was exactly what I have been looking for.   So I emailed them.  Crimany my phone rang within two minutes.  Now that's a true car salesman, except you haven't heard anything yet.  He talks me into driving clear BACK to his dealership on the East Side of the City where I was sitting in the repair chair this morning.  That is from far West Side of Madison to Far Far East Side.  Not only that but they close at 5:00 and it was almost 4:00.  I told him I have a business and everything is still in my car from last week.  He said that was okay, he would help me move it all to the new vehicle.  I said, but .......and then I figured as long as the car is that full I might as well take the dog to.  And so I did.  We made it at 4:40, walked in the front doors and realized I didn't get the salesman's name.  It was at home on my computer, or was it?  So the reception girls tracked me on the Wilde Honda Computer system and found Jerry the salesman.  Jerry is an Asian fellow who combs his, might I add every black strand completely up in the air.  You know, toward the ceiling.  He must have cement on it to keep it shootin in the air like that.  And it isn't that short!  Picture that 8 x 10 glossy!
So I gave him my drivers license and we test drove it with the dog.  Its a nice little SUV.  I noticed the rear view mirrors reminded me of those squibbly ones at the fair.  CHEAP. Made me dizzy.  And then I noticed every little bump felt like I was in a jeep.  I am used to the Buick.  Jerry told me the Buick is a luxury car and that is why.  Humm.  Then what am I doing here.  We drove to Office Depot and dropped his wife off some $ so she could buy some gummy worms.  Seriously!  She had a craving for them and had to work late.  Oh- Kay.

Then comes the numbers crunching.  Which I wont even go into because it was a joke.  Car salesman turn into comedians at this point.

The interesting part of the entire experience is this.  I asked for the car fax vehicle history report. 
I suspect I was drawn to this particular vehicle is because it is in my opinion "a rescue vehicle!"  Just like me to find a rescue anything.  From plants to animals to children, don't forget husbands, and now a vehicle.

It started out in Christiansburg, VA.  Then traded in at Bristol, TN. Then to the tri-cities of Johnson City, TN, onto Cookeville, TN. Then to Another dealer in Johnson City, TN.  To Monterey, TN, Onto Marian, IN purchased there by second owner....Sold one year later and in Irving, TX.  Then in 2013 sold at Auction in Chicago, IL.  Bought by Wilde Honda across town from ME! (only two owners, the rest dealers)   Now I figure that car has the wanderin' spirit on it!  I am sooo not a wandering person, maybe I need a little traveling bug? Not a VW but a bug under my donkey (ass) to move me a bit more.  I work and go home. I need a bug.
Yet I am rather apprehensive of anything that appears to need rescuing.  Even a vehicle.  So I put the dog back in the Buick and drove it home all the while noticing what nice clear side mirrors I have even though not heated....and how I didn't feel every crack in the road and there are many of those in my city.  They must need cash flow because the streets are bad in Madison. 

I was asked to let them know if I wish to apply for "it" Monday morning.  I wonder if I will know if I want it by Monday morning.  Probably not.   I have a million dollars so why settle. 
Be safe, be happy, be well, buy a nice vehicle, and get rich like me worries.  Laters
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