Friday, April 19, 2013

Snow Diane Ogden

As long as it is still snowing here in Wisconsin, I decided to post one of my funny posts from 2010.

I was searching the web for a fairy bell (harmony ball) not fairy balls! O' dear...look what I found.  Apparently the story is that his wife dressed him up like this, posted it and labeled it Snow Angel.
I think a bunch of our fellows should make the world a nice Snow Angel Calendar like the one the "older" ladies made in their birthday suits.   That was actually quite a lovely piece of work that created a lot of money for charity.  I thought that calendar was done in excellent taste. But then I also think the wife who dressed up her husband as the snow fairy was also done in good taste.  Just a little donkey (butt) action which is quite acceptable.                   Laters....
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