Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Scoopin Poop..............by Diane Ogden

Every morning I scoop the litter boxes.  That would be two boxes now considering the add on recent rescue cat who lives in the spare bedroom until he is strong enough to fight the felines in the outter banks of his domain. (apt) 

Yesterday I hadn't gotten dressed for work yet.  Had my nightshirt on while I was scooping poop in the spare bedroom.  I recall having an odd feeling.  Like someone was watching me but I ignored it.
By the way when I scoop poop I do not bend over properly due to a back injury.  In other words I don't bend my knees, rather I bend over with my donkey (ass) in the air, big as life, well it's not that big but not that pretty in that position either.  I finished scooping, stood up and danged if some guy wasn't walking his dog right outside that BIG window my butt was facing so vivedly.  I have no doubt that young man got a "birds eye" view of my donkey.  If I were a sweet twenty five year old it might have given him a thrill, but I suspect he rather said, 'eeeeww!

Guess he was scoping and I was scoopin!
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