Friday, April 19, 2013

January in April in Wisconsin AGAIN! Diane Ogden


Snow is only good for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and maybe a few snowplow service's. Oh and for skiers, and snowmobilers, and men who just got their new boy toy blowers, and tire stores, and overtime for city salt truckers, and sledders, and retired folks who do not have to drive or walk in it, and oh yes its good for Frosty the Snowman/women. Then there are the other people that too much snow might just cause issues for....ME! And my dog! She screams when she has been standing in snow for over 60 seconds, yet she wont poddie until she smells the podie of the other twenty dogs in the building. Too late, her feet hurt and she tears out back to the building screaming all the way and without poddie-ing. Back to the poddie pads.
This unreasonable snow in April is a pain in the "donkey". It belongs in the high mountains where people can go visit it vs it visiting us univited! I need to Google where the birds go in these overboard snowstorms and ice storms...... It is even cold in the house. Running the useless gas fireplace with no blower, a heater in the bathroom, a heater under my computer desk, and regular heat and it's still cold in here.... My two sons live in Los Angles! Need I say more. I wonder how much a UHaul cost these days. This MaMa is thinkin' hard if her "Lovely Lemon" could make it to Cali!
So until next time, be happy, be safe, be well, and get rich for sure.  And be thankful you live here and not N. Korea or the like.    Amen
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