Sunday, April 14, 2013

I suspect no one cares about Bob Ogden.  You know the rescue cat that has cost me near $600.00.  Don't fall over, I already have several times.. Once literally off the bench at the Veterinarian Office. Yup I was scootin back to tell Bob Ogden everything would be alright (actually affirming it to myself) when I scooted right off the end of the bench onto the large animal scale.  And no, no one came running over to see if the old girl was okay.  They did look over after the thud and the human yelp...  that is when I said, "I'm good!"  Sure.  Should have seen the bruises on my Donkey (ass) and arm the next day.  Back to my point about no one really caring about Bob Ogden.

It has been a good month now since my daughter brought him home from the "funny farm" where I was raised.  Someone dumped him there.  Probably because of the above paid Veterinarian needs.  He was peeing blood, full of ear mites, worms, eeww, and needed to be "de-manned."  I am sure I have left something out.   And we all know I already have a cat named Lucy.  A 6 lb. Pom Chi named Grace, and my daughters cat who is renting space until she gets an apt. of her own.  And now there is Bob Ogden.  (Who by the way is the best of them all)  Aside from his attack mode today.  You see I decided to let Bob and Lucy meet one another.

  It was not like the dating game, nope, no way.  Bob took one good look at Lucy and attacked her after making a horrible sound which made her run like the wind.  He caught her hind area and I caught his at the same time.  We were quite the side show indeed.  Meantime my Grand daughter who was going to help was standing helpless where it all started.  Needless-to-say, Bob had to go back to his cell, you know the large bedroom with a large window, a large litter box, and a large flat screen TV.  And a cat window perch specifically for Bob Ogden. 

What's my point?  I really don't have one.  I do have an animal issue and possibly need to vent somewhere.  Aren't you lucky.  I do not know how to introduce cats to one another especially when they all have mental issues.  That is because two of them came from the funny farm and the other from the humane society.  I need to learn to upgrade in all areas.  So for now I will do nothing major until I can make a decision I can live with.  That is the key! 

And I will certainly try to find something more entertaining to post.  Until then, be safe, be well, be happy, and get rich so you can hire a cat therapist/behaviourist if you need one, and I do.  Amen
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