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I Met a Guy in " Diane Ogden

Monday, October 22, 2007

I met a guy in '59,
He never handed me a line.
We've been friends for some 30 years,
Through thick and thin and many tears.
He had a marriage and several affairs,
And now is left with not many cares.
I went off and married twice,
Had five children who are very nice.
I had one child out of wedlock,
My life regressed to something like bedrock.
I didn't call him so he wouldn't know,
Or think of me for the seeds I did sow.
But I should have known better of my friend,
That his heart would be open and free to lend,
A shoulder, a word, a Moon to share.
But after it all, I wonder if I dare.
The wall I've built is thick and strong,
Even though I realize that's very wrong.
I'll open my heart to my dear dear friend,
But...give me more time for the wall to bend.
For my friend you are the best I've seen,
I wish I could have you and share a dream.
But I think I'll just sit and take some time,
To share with you some of my rhyme.
You've shared with me your deepest thoughts,
Something so special can never be bought.
So whether a friend, a love, or a heart to share,
Until and from, this day forth I will always care.
I wish I could remember your name.

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