Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Have One Million Dollars, Thank You!..................by Diane Ogden

The other day I got tired. Not your ordinary tired. The tired of being poor tired. So I stood in my abode and said, "I have had it with working so hard for what has been my forever without much reserve cash flow. No more, done, I have a million dollars. Thank you Universe." And so it is.

I am now a happier person. When you have a million dollars you are a happier person. I have signs on my refrigerator, all my doors, my bathroom mirror, on my steering wheel, on my car visor and wherever else my eyes and brain come together to view it.

The bathroom photo is funniest because I thought I was getting out of the photo when in truth I was moving into the photo. Mirror messed me up.

I am sure you are happpppy for me also. And I thank you.

So until my next little project or until I find something funny. See ya and I hope you get rich just like me.

Bathroom Mirror
Steering Wheel
Front Door
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