Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Grandma's Wine Glass and Other Diane Ogden

I had a day off today.  That is monumental!  I slept like a new baby all night and felt like a different person upon waking. I had no idea I would feel so happy getting one little day off but I was and am.  Probably the Springtime smells and sunshine helped.  I happily cleaned a few drawers and cupboards and while doing so I inadvertently knocked a bag of old hard brown sugar (that is exactly why I was cleaning out) off the shelf and onto the precious delicate, and the only one left, wine glass from my Grandmother Gillie who passed away in the 1980's.  Crash!  Done, gone, just like life sometimes. 
I used that wine glass with etched grapes on its sides for all sort of things besides wine. Toothpicks,
(I know not very ingenious or romantic) a beautiful flower floating on glass, Q-tips LOL,  Bobbi pins.  It didn't matter what I put in that wine glass, it made me feel closer to my Grandma Gillie.  She was the happy Grandma. 
She liked to smoke a cigarette on occasion and take a shot of whiskey now and then.  And fish, she liked to fish.  I still have one of her rhinestone hair combs, an onyx ring, blue topaz ring and her winter coat with mink collar and tails.  And a few memories. 

I am a person that gets attached to "things."  Its not the things but what the things are attached to in my mind.  So that being said, I am attached to things that are attached to things in my head.   
I am attached to my other Nana's little red velvet tufted love seat that my daughters cat has nearly destroyed.  I used to sleep on that  when I was four years old.  That will cost upwards of $1,500 to have reupholstered.  Good God.  Maybe more... considering all the buttons.  And Velvet runs mega cash per yard. I just cant take it to Goodwill or to the trash.  I just cant.  Here I am jabbering about the love seat when the wine glass just broke.  Maybe I should invite a "big guy" over to plop down on it so it will break like the wine glass and then I would/could/should throw it away.

I am also attached to jewelry.  I have cases of jewelry that I never wear.  But its so pretty I love to look at it.  My mother does that...... how is it a person can inherit jewelry hoarding.  Well I did.  If I had more time I would put it all to great use taking piece's apart and making treasures out of all of it.
But I don't for now.  So it will stay under my bed, in my wardrobe, and in the standing jewel case.

So this wasnt that interesting, or funny...but it will go into my blog book for someone to read someday when I am dead and gone!  Until then, be happy, be well, be safe, and get rich so you can  recover the dead Nana's love seat you used to sleep on when you were four but dont fit on anymore. Well not to sleep on anyway.  Laters

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