Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ghost on Regent Street......................by Diane Ogden


I was working alone at a clients home on Regent Street....There was a noticeable presence
in the room and that presence was behind me, to the point I would jump and turn to see who was there. Someone was looking at me so intently that the hair on my neck was standing up.
I tried to be reasonable. To say to myself, "Oh maybe its Tim's Mom checking to see how I am doing in her son's home." You see she passed on last year and her son and she were very close.
But this didn't feel like a friendly Mom you know? I couldn't think of anyone dead that didn't like me. Well, I didn't really think allot on that subject, but I sure knew something was in that house with me. Eeewww. I bet I turned around startled at least five times only to find nothing was there, that I could see anyway. Suddenly the two dogs that live there went nuts! Barking and running to the front door. Sometimes they bark at squirrels, mailmen, and this time I was hoping it wasn't ghosts. And this time I did go look....
Oh my God! There was a person walking to the front door and oh my God they reached for the handle to open the door. The dogs are going berzerko not to mention me! My mind said several things at once! Yes all at once! Now I know a person can see their life flash before them because I heard many instructions all at once! "Where's their phone. Get your phone. Get something to use as a weapon. Get a description.... Scare him...." and more. Then he ran away. I always leave the key in this particular door making it easy to lock when I leave. Today I didn't for some reason...A year of leaving the key in door and today I didn't. I wanted out of there soooo bad. I hurried to finish... opened the front door and four huge black crows came swooping over the house and driveway squawking like a band of bad boys...My thought was, OK whose going to die? Not sure where I heard crows and death went together but I did. I suspect I heard that old wives tale from my old relatives.
Did the ghost follow me out the door? Well if it did it was going to have to have lunch with me because that was next on the list. That is before I dropped a brand new roll of paper towels on the ground that rolled down the thirty foot inclined driveway and into the street. I should have taken a pic of that one... Crows screaming, a path of white paper what seemed a mile long and a lost unknown ghost somewhere on the property. Me...I was so outta there!
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