Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Diane Ogden


You know your a Redneck when you buy a new car and "forget" to put insurance on it! (DUMB)Or your a drug dealer and dont need insurance?? I bet the bank would love this one....but then their just thieves like the insurance companies anyway... And we are working hard to save their sorry donkey's, (butts) so this guy can buy duck tape while they get millions in free bonus money. Cynical? Me? No way, I just think they should invent colored duct tape... starting out with RED!

And they have... But when I wrote this blog post years plus back -  they had not invented red duct tape. I figure I have about 900 posts of which most people do not go back and read so I pulled this one out of the archives because I thought it was really funny.  That duct tape is dang amazing!  I hear it even kills wort's. Stick duck tape on your wort and it removes it.  Takes a month or so but it works.  Wonder what wonder chemical makes said happen.  And if the wort is anywhere personal please do not duct tape yourself in those areas.  Wouldn't be good.  (In case a Red-Neck is reading this)
So til tomorrow, be safe, be well, and stay healthy, and get rich so you can pay your car insurance and or buy hundreds of rolls of red duct tape in case you need it. 
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