Friday, April 12, 2013

Donkey vs Diane Ogden

I have been thinking of a way not to offend people when I feel the need to use the word "ass."  So I googled ass phrases and decided TO use the word "donkey" in place of "ass" to see what I get.  Too funny.  So the next time I am at Wal Mart and someone at the check out angers me I will say, "Why you fucking Donkey!"  That way I wont offend anyone.  (sorry, really I am, but it just fit right in there jeez)  I will be better I promise...

Donkey my Donkey! (meaning, "I will not answer your question")
Donkey-over-appetite [-teakettle, -tip, -tit] (head-over-heals; end-over-end)
bite my Donkey
(used as a derisive comeback)

chew somebody's Donkey (to speak or shout angrily at someone because they've done something wrong)
creep up someone's Donkey
(to demean oneself as a means of currying favor)

get in someone's Donkey (to cause trouble for)

get on somebody's Donkey
(to get on someone's nerves)

hang it in your Donkey! (used as derisive comeback
hang somebody's Donkey(to punish; thoroughly defeat)
have (one's) finger up (one's) Donkey
(to stand about idly)
have (one's) head up [or in] (one's) Donkey (to be inattentive or stupid)
have (one's) nose up somebody's Donkey
(to curry favor with someone in a blatant manner)
hold (one's) Donkey
(to be patient)
How's your Donkey?
(used as a greeting)

jump up my Donkey
(used as a derisive comeback) 
[or suck] my Donkey (used as a derisive comeback

not on your Donkey! (no indeed

pain in the Donkey(someone who is annoying)
piece of Donkey
(someone who is sexy, attractive)
pull something out of
(one's) Donkey (to invent or produce something seemingly from nowhere)

scratch a beggar's Donkey (to be impoverished)
shut your Donkey! (shut)
stick [or shove, etc.] it up somebody's Donkey (to brutally manhandle, victimize someone)
suck my Donkey (used as a derisive comeback)
suck somebody's ass
(used as a derisive comeback)

take it in the Donkey 
(to be brutally manhandled, victimized)
talk like a man with a paper Donkey
(to talk nonsense)
tear (one's) Donkey [or Donkeyhole] (to injure oneself; get into trouble)
tear somebody a new Donkey 
(to ruin or destroy someone)
think the sun sets [or shines] in somebody's Donkey(to worship stupidly someone or oneself)

up somebody's Donkey
(hounding, annoying, or bothering someone)
up your Donkey! 

Well that's enough Donkey for a while.  So until I find something more interesting than ass phrases, be safe, be well, be happy, and get rich and stay is easier!   Laters

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