Monday, April 1, 2013

Angel n Diane Ogden

Since I inherited Bob Ogden, the rescue cat, strange sitings are occurring.  Whether it is night or day my camera is catching spirits around Bob Ogden.  I know I know..... but it is what it is people.  Bob is blessed.  I think.  I truly hate to post a couple of these pics because I look like some one's brother but who really cares.  I have my good days and my bad brother looking days.  The key here is that I have at least fifteen photos of spirits around Bob Ogden.  Bob has to stay in one room of my apartment at this time due to the other zoo animals who might kill him or vice verse.  Good reason?  I go in and sit with him for about three hours a day as you have probably read from previous blog posts.  The reason I started taking photos of Bob is because he is so loving.  Even the vet and vet techs love Bob.  Just a different sort of cat is all.  And now I know why.  He is possessed.  I think by good.  Good with what I don't know.  People, angels?  Dunno, just know. Bob Ogden puts his paws on each of my cheeks...  Like he is saying thank you for saving me.  I say to him, so pay up the vet bill buddie, and maybe his good spirits will help do just that. I'll take a lotto spirit. Reminds me of a joke I heard long ago.  The lady prayed to God to win the lottery and he gave her overtime instead. And I got Bob Ogden. Okay back to my point.  One of the pics I took looks like an Angel, but beside my face and to the right of the photo appears alien faces. That is the first photo below. I am thinking I have captured something no one else has and may receive some amazing award. Well except the government probably already has alien photos.  Just kidding I think. Check out this photo and see the faces (on right above the light ) and the Angel.
I have many photos with swirling mist and such. 
This top photo has no spirits.  The rest all do. 
Just sayin!  These lights and shadows show up during the day and at night. 
I have many more photos.  So until I get a photo of more aliens...or ??  Be safe, be well, be happy, and get rich so you can help me pay for Bob's Veterinarian debt.  He gets "de-manned" on Friday.  Add it to the bill please. 
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