Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcome to Myrtle Manor! Diane Ogden

There ya go!  There I am right in the middle of Myrtle Manor.  I could be the other Grannie's friend. There is a Grandma on the show)
Seriously! As I said in the previous post, I have trailer trash in my background and I can pull it out of my ars faster than you can whistle South Carolina is my new home.  I pulled those fifty year old sunglasses I am wearing off the shelf for my photo opt.  They belonged to my Grandad who wore them all over the United States of America.  Mainly because he was afraid to fly anywhere else.  He carried a bottle of Seagram's 7 in the front seat next to his hip where his six shooter used to be. I am not lying!  He was one of the old cowboys in Austin, Texas.  Speaking of it I am myself having a brownie and a 'Bud!"  
 I tried to copy and paste the Myrtle Manor trailer so you could view but I cant find my clipboard where they say it went.  I do not care for the Honey Boo Boo show but this one has taken me over.  I laugh so hard at the trailers its not normal.  Must be the spirits of the ancestors hiding in my cells that they say never forget a thing!   The cells that is.  The cells of the trailer people in my fam background that is.  
I wrote to the Myrtle people and told them I was packin up the rusty Buick and heading for South Carolina.  I better check and see if that is really where they are filming.  I could get there and be outta luck huh?  And I am taking the lil dog too.  She can be in the movies too.  Heck they gotta big rusty above ground swimmin pool there.  And they said if you mess with one of em ya mess with the whole damn trailer park.  Now that's family and I have been looking for a new one.  I have done hit pay durt.  I mean dirt...   Laters 

From Google:
The built-in cast of eccentrics includes a Wiccan, a former drag queen (and resident hairdresser), a pelican-obsessed single mom and park manager Becky, a smug busybody who rides around the grounds in a golf cart, maintaining order through a megaphone.
“I’m not nosy at all,” Becky insists. “I’m just inquisitive. I’m on the smart side of nosy.” She maintains a long “don’t” list, including drinking outside and having a dirty yard.
When new resident Jared creates an outdoor sculpture made from a tire, golf club and a TV he set on fire, Becky pulls her golf cart over to scold him. “I wanted to kill him!” Becky recalls. “You’re gonna get rid of a TV, at least sell it! That TV wasn’t even broken.”
Becky embodies the most entertaining aspects of Southern, er, charm. She prefaces insults with ‘Bless her heart” and elevates gossip to an art form. About the blond, bikini-clad, hot-dog-selling team who live at Myrtle Manor, Becky deadpans: “The Weiner Girls supposedly sell hot dogs for a livin’. My daddy says they have a whorehouse. I’m not sure what kind of weenies they sell.”
While most reality TV is a far cry from documentary, Becky insists that the show is an honest look at life at Myrtle Manor, and that the cameras get to see the real her.
“People stereotype trailer parks — white trash, no teeth, no jobs, roaches and stuff,” she says. “We’re nothin’ like that. We’re no different than a subdivision. You don’t have to live in a $2 million home to have the perfect life! You can have the perfect life, and live in a trailer park.”

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