Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Little Mermaid.............by Diane Ogden

There is a photo of this mermaid or one similar to this photo at one of my clients homes. This mermaid photo was taken at DisneyWorld with two LITTLE CHILDREN sitting next to Mermaid and her bra.  Everytime I am at this clients home and I view this 4 x 6 photo of the mermaid lady in the bra with the children I just get a bit "this is wrong" in my head.  I have tried to understand to no avail.  I have googled the mermaid all of which comes up.... is the bra and the fin outfit.   Even wedding dresses named after the  mermaid design amounts to a full length fin with a built in bra, all the way up.  Not a low cut belly rubbing navel knocking purple shells covering boobs outfit. How is this cool for little boys and or girls to sit next to? It ain't normal.  How about lets do  a merMAN with a jockstrap or loin cloth sitting next to a little girl at Disney World so she can take home a 4 x 6 photo and look at it and recall it forever.  Sicko!  I am right! Imagine two children ages 4 and 5 sitting next to boobie fin lady.  Or better yet 9 -10 year olds.   yikes.  I suspect I am too old to appreciate near nudeness next to small children.  Seems anything goes these days. But not for me....just looking at the photo I posted of the girl that works or worked at Disney World and had her picture taken with thousands plus of children...  with her lil purple bra and skin abundant.  It just isn't right.  
Okay so that wasn't so positive huh?  Sorry but it was on my list to share.    And just for the record:  I watched Myrtle Manor (two posts back) and OMG it is not hardly one step up from Honey Boo Boo.  It was awful.  Not funny like I thought.  And I posted a pic of myself wanting to be on that show!  So So embarrassed.  My trailer court is like way above that nasty show.  I don't have a trailer court but if I did it would be a class act....what I watched was not even funny.  I didn't expect class but I did expect funny.  I didn't get funny, I got redneck roaches and dumb blonde's selling wieners on the beach.  OMG.   I could sell better wieners on the beach.  Just kidding!!
So until I find more funnies.... you all be safe and be happy, and well, and get rich so you can go to Disney World and have your picture made with a mermaid wearing a purple BRA!!  They need to fix that  I say>    Nite  

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