Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring Cottage Diane Ogden

I bought this today!  What was I thinking?  I must not have been thinking.  This magazine costs my budget $10.99. I have never paid that much for a small magazine.  A book yes.  A book stays on the shelf for many years to be handed down to the next pack of people.  I would say family but it's not rolling off my tongue easy today or this month even. I am happy with "pack of people" for now."  Back to my point.  I enjoy sitting, reading, and viewing a nice magazine on occasion...just not one that costs as much as that.  Yet I guess that is only two loaves of healthy bread, one cheap bottle of wine,  one and a half gallons of organic milk, ten pair of mini gloves at WalMart China,  a food dinner at Culver's,  nice pair of socks, AN 1/8TH OF A TANK OF GAS!  That being said I guess the price wasn't so outrageous after all.   Wait, my new website only cost me $6.99 a month even though I am not sure I did it right meaning no one may ever see it.  Oh Lord call the Internet Po Po! 
I could have looked up a mess of Country Cottage blogs for free.  Okay okay stop beating myself up. 
I bought the magazine to get away from the computer for awhile.  Because the creative chip in my brain is screaming for information input lately. I want to make jewelry, sew shabby chic sofa and chair covers, make phenomenal Barbie clothes like no one has ever seen before. Long beaded gowns etc  (I have done this before) and draw a pencil portrait of someone, paint a table or a chair, re-do a room, and paint a positive saying on my wall! Oh and finish my two almost finished novels...That should keep my brain chip happy for awhile....

 Along with taking two weeks off work which I have not done in twenty years.  Guess Mom's who have to raise several children on their own don't get vacations unless they sleep with Buck Owens.  (Another blogpost from the past)  p.s. I didn't sleep with whatshisname Owens.  Which means I am beyond due for time earned - time off! $11.00 magazine! 
This is called relaxing.......... 
I could wake up to these women inspiring me daily....even in my bathroom!
I love these new miniature fairy gardens.  They remind of dollhouses which is right  up my alley.  Humm the word alley usually implies low rent.  Must mean I am getting revved up for tonight's first episode of Myrtle Manor on TLC....   I hope my brain laughs so hard it sends all good to my heart and all other organs.  Laughing does that they say.  These little gardens also remind me of miniature train sets which I love to watch and create. 
                                                               Peace out with this room.........
I hope I cant get into trouble for using the photos from Spring Cottage by Hoffman Media!!
So until next safe, be happy, be well, and get rich so I can move to Sedona and allow my creative energies to flow where the spirits live closet to the earth...  and you can do whatever you wish.   Laters
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