Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Grannie is a Hiney! Diane Ogden

“Just making it easier for you to get a little Hiney.” (Wine of course) I don't think Grannie ever said that to me. Nor did I ever say that to anyone else.  In the blog post about Myrtle Manor, the Red Neck reality trailer park show, there are two girls that sell wieners on the beach..... I am a real hiney ha!

When I first saw the advertisement for Myrtle Beach I thought it would be funny and I could be on that funny show. Then I watched it and realized it wasn't funny, it was eww eww.  Then I heard the Hiney wine bits online and saw the girls selling weiners on the beach (from Myrtle Manor)to make a living and then remembered I have Hiney.  Hiney from my Great Grandma and Grandma.  I have real Hiney, I don't need to sell wieners on any beach.

 Great Grandmother Hiney was a dear lady.  And a rich lady.  Farmers in Wisconsin they were.  Joseph Hiney was my Great Grandad.  He is probably rolling over in his heavenly grave due to my verbiage here.  But I cant pass up a good joke.
"I only buy hiney in a wooden cask. That way I can tell my husband to grab his hammer and meet me in the cellar when I’m ready to tap that hiney."  (Wine of course) 

Hiney Wine is the brainchild of Terry Dorsey, who developed the bit while on the air in the Mid-1970's at WONE-AM in Dayton. Terry come in every day with a spiral bound notebook in which he had the original "Hiney Wine" spots written out in longhand. When he moved to WING, Hiney Wine (and the notebooks) went with him.  
I wonder if I am related to the Hiney Winery people.   That would be cool huh?  

This is just a lil tidbit of where I came from and what I became...  I am much more than just a Hiney!

So until I discover something funny or new or interesting, be safe, be well, be happy, and get rich so you can do your genealogy to see if your related to any Hiney's, or Wieners of the world.  And:
"Grab a Hiney"  (wine that is)
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