Wednesday, March 6, 2013


So this is "Me."  Not me, but "Me".....
I guess when children are in Kindergarden or is that kindergarten and or first grade they lay down on the floor and someone draws their outline/silhouette??  Beats me how they do it. All I know is that I was bestowed the "Me" several years ago which I hung on the back of my bedroom door where it has remained for five or six years.  That along with a vitamin chart that is probably all wrong after all these years and which I don't ever look at anyway. 
And for your information I sleep with a fan on and if I am not careful "Me's" leg starts flapping in the wind making a heck of a racket. That being said, I have to get back up from my sweet bed and blankets and secure "Me" and or move the fan.  I should know by now when that will happen and when not but I do forget "Me" is there much of the time.  And just so you know, "Me" is a wonderful, intelligent, beautiful, talented, and sweet Granddaughter who is now twelve years old. Having "Me" (her)in my bedroom makes me feel good.   Below is "Me." "Me" several years later than the door silhouette me.....  So until I find something funny or interesting or just cute like "Me,"  Be Happy, Be Safe, Be Well, and get rich just for fun....or a vacation or a new "You."

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