Friday, March 29, 2013

Government Clips or "Chips?" Diane Ogden

I have heard that the government, or China will be putting identification chips in our bodies at some point in the future.  Why my health provider now scans the veins in my hand before they let me in the office doors.  What is wrong with my face and drivers license and other such ID.  No, now they are scanning me.  I have had this secret fear I was chipped during my sleep.  Or while I had a medical procedure possibly.  And now I know it's true.  And to top it off they gave me a photo after they did it.  They think because they call it a clip I don't get it?  I get it alright, its really a chip that is programmed to exterminate me at a certain time.  They have my bank records and if I do not have over $250,000 income a year I shall be exterminated at a given day in time.  I know I'm right.  Just look at it. It is big enough to hold all my information since birth.What if its ALUMINUM? That causes cancer. Ten dollars says its from China and made of aluminum and nickle. OMG! 
Let me explain:  That is a photo of my recent medical procedure at which time they overdosed me so they could implant this killer chip.  It also tells them where I am at all times.  Damn thing has GPS.    I could be wrong but I don't believe so.  The only other explanation is that aliens have infiltrated our entire country through the Insurance Companies on down through all medical facilities, hospitals and doctors offices.  They have reprogrammed chips to fit on all supplies such as staples, probes, ear tubes, contact lenses, tampons, etc. Anything to be placed internally in humans, and have also been placed microscopically on all instruments used to enter human beings through all orifices of the body.  They know our every move. 
There are only a select few humans that are aware of this takeover but they have been programmed not to speak of it.  If they do they will incinerate immediately when out of sight of other humans.  That is what all the black cinders are that you think are just black cinders.  They are really human beings that tried to stop this insanity.  The only way to remain free of the alien chips is to never go to the dentist, doctor, or tattoo artist. It's too late for me, but maybe not for you.
I was actually joking about this.  I decided to google alien chips in humans and was aghast at how many google pages there are regarding this.  Some people really believe this to be true.  Jeezers People!  I was just joking I thought.  Maybe I was abducted the other day and drugged and chipped.  So if I disappear just look for a little black cinder with one shiny aluminum chip laying somewhere private.  Like a beach or my underground parking ramp.  Just don't step on me, I have had enough!  So until I uncover something enlightening or funny or happy, be well, be safe, be happy, and get rich so you can???   Be happy even with the alien or Chinese aluminum chip in your orifice.     

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