Monday, March 11, 2013

Ghost in Billy's Diane Ogden


Billy is a fifty year old man from Vietnam.  Billy does my nails every few weeks.  Today Billy told me one of his life secrets.  He saw a Ghost when he was a 16 year old boy and he did see a Ghost.  He described her to me:   He was walking along and something made him look over by a certain tree....  there is where he saw the woman, a tall woman dressed in a long white gown with long white hair but no face.  She looked at him in her spirit and then ascended very quickly straight up to the top of the tree!  He was so scared he ran to the first house where he knew someone...The man looked at him and said, "You saw her, didn't you?  The Ghost? The Lady in White in the tree?  And I want you to listen to me and not go back there for at least one month."

Billy told me his face was near green the man said.....from fear.   Then he told Billy why he shouldn't go back near that site for at least a month...  His body has sustained such a traumatic exposure to that spirit of death he should stay away until he could  regain his own true spirit back.

 He told Billy she was an "scout" or over looker for the men in the dugouts/trenchesbunkers.  She would stay high up in the tree and signal them when the enemy was coming.......but one time the enemy dropped a bomb on all of them from a B-52 Bomber!  (I think that means us from the u.s.a)  He told me the bodies of 35 men died in that  bunker along with their lady scout. 

Obviously that was the Vietnam War;  He stated to me it was 1968. 

When he was telling me his story and the part about the lady in white came up ,  he raised his shirt to show me the "Goose (God) Bumps on his arm!

He also told me his Grandmother told him never to look into the trees when he was walking past...

He shared some facts with me about how many men died on his families land.....something like 350 men. 

He said many "sad of war" comments to me that I wont forget in my lifetime.  And believe me I cannot recall them all....

So until next time:  GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!!   (Bless all the spirits left behind that they may find their way home)  Some do / Some dont!

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