Sunday, March 17, 2013

Friends? Diane Ogden

.I had a best friend in grade school that I have kept track of over the years.  We reconnected in the 70's in Houston for a brief time, both in the midst of life's trials. I still check her on Google.  She is an accomplished jeweler in Sante Fe who has an interesting book on Blurb called, "All Things Have A Voice."
I had another best friend I met in the 70's who always inspired me how to keep going.  We traveled life through two husbands each.  That was special......not!  She gave me everything from bra's to cars. Bought my children shoes, gave them birthday parties, stood up for me in bad times when no one else was there.  She and her third husband moved to Florida but we remain in contact to a much lessor degree considering that story was twenty years ago. I hope I gave something back to her.
Another friend I met in Oklahoma in the late 70's during a tumultuous court custody trial and pregnancy.  She helped me through the last thirty five years of my life and still does to this day.
She recently lost her husband of fifty some years.  Yet she continues to help and uplift others including me.  You can find her at
I hope I give something back to her.
Then there was the religious friend.  Yes religious, not spiritual.  She was kind and sweet and could see things in the spirit better than most psychics yet thought they were of the devil.  Interesting how some people's teachings are so limited.  And yes her husband believed he ruled like the kings in the Old Testament.  Eeww.  They also taught me, who must have needed to latch onto a group to feel worthy, or fit in maybe or??. The ?? meaning not having the wits of self to make decisions.  So I listened and drank it all in and when I sold my home of many years I paid off all debt because dontchaknow religious people say "you" and I should not owe any money to anyone.They told me GOD SAID. I also closed credit accounts and started a new business in a new town.  Oops.  It died along with all my credit and cash reserve.  Thus there went it all.  I started over by delivering newspapers until I could strengthen up and start another business.  It took me almost ten years to regain my credit, save a few dollars and talk to Charles (God) vs any religious friends who have since gone by the wayside.  Not that I don't respect their lives as each of us in on our own journey.  I should have stayed on mine and not latched onto theirs.  MyBad! I do hope I gave something good back to those that truly tried to offer me the only thing they knew.
There was that high school bestie that never forgave me for one single act of unkindness I bestowed on her one day out of our lifetimes.  My boyfriend told me I couldn't hang around with her for some reason...I know now it was jealousy/control, but then I must have latched on once again to someone vs using my own wits. 
I have a sisterinlaw at present. I always wanted her to be the sister I never had.  She never stepped into that position.  I tried for years to be her friend.  I would call them often, but she would only call a couple times a year and then bait me for family information. I finally caught onto that one.  I don't care to even have the twice a year verbiage anymore.  She has always said I brought her to the Lord.  So I guess that is all good whether we talk anymore or not.
Then there is my x sister law. She remains a friend today.  From the 70's to present.  We have watched each other grow older. Although she got a facelift.  And she got a decent husband also.  Guess that means I am two behind in all areas.  (Oops three behind in one area.) Oh and she built herself a new home.  I am in an apartment. (I don't have upkeep ha)  She is sort of religious and sort of spiritual ( there must be a name for that) so we can converse unless she has a few beers thus the religion demon steps up to the plate and talks for hours about the old testament! I still love her in spite of. We stay on fairly equal ground in terms of giving. And I hope she doesn't read this.
There have been a few stand in friends over the years.  But no real keepers.  Most have families or too many problems just busy or .....I don't know.  I don't knit, or quilt, or play cards much.  I don't  have time for book clubs much less to sit and read one.  I mostly get audio or playaways.  
I have not had a vacation since 1987.  I did take one week off once.  And was sick for eleven days once.  Other than that I have worked, raised five children, three of them totally on my own.  Who cares?  Really no one.  Just typing away this morning for some reason. Maybe its the new Pope. I am not catholic but I found it refreshing.  Maybe its Bob.  Bob Ogden, the cat that is blessed from previous blogpost.  Maybe I am just a little tired.
Reminiscing isn't always a good thing.  And sometimes it is.  Actually I believe its the fact so very many people close to me are taking spring break vacations. Clients, friends, family.
I have four sons.  One of them told me he always makes sure he has enough money for work and play.  That was my mistake if I am wondering at all the whys of life.  (Seems I am today) And hopefully after I stop and Wal Mart and the grocery store later today I will be back with some funnies. Thank God for my funny side!  I promise it will be back, in fact its just hiding under a couple grey clouds this morning.  It will break through. It always does because it is my best friend and has been and always will be.  I take care of it and it takes care of me.  Just like my Buick. 
So be well, be happy, be safe, and get rich so you can take vacations or at least time off to finish the novels.....   or both.  

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