Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chairman Diane Ogden


Who is this Bob? He calls himself Chairman Bob no less! Narcissistic Bob?  Seriously... He has his picture printed on millions of grocery bags and God only knows how many States Roundy's Stores serve the public in. He looks like a wannabe Frank Sinatra night club singer doesn't he? Maybe he needs a curl hanging down or bangs. All I know is I bring Bob home with me every week from the store. He offers me nothing. No reminder of anything. No advertising of any food or drink or product of any kind or even circus tickets printed on he's bags. Nope just Bob on the bag! At my house Bob hangs out between the refrigerator and the wall until I need he's bag and then I throw recycles at him. In another Bob bag I throw garbage at him. Sometimes he goes to Goodwill full of goodies. Bob, Bob....what do you want? So the bag says you, Chairman Bob APPROVED. Of what Bob? Yourself? I think so....... I did notice is says in very small print below the very large print where they could advertise, that Bob approves of Roundy's products. Very small print. CHAIRMAN BOB is in large print in red! We know who Bob approves of don't we?  BOB! Also the arrows at the top of the bag say, "Hold with both handles." That's so you don't drop BOB and mess him up. (I'd like to mess up that hair. Reminds me of Blogdonavich and look where he ended up)  Be nice.  I am.  I am just blown away by the Roundy's Chairman Bob's love of himself.  Would be interested to know the whole story on Bob.  Do notice the thumb's up he is giving you about him. 
So until I find someone else to pic on or notice similar arrogance.  (Be nice,) be safe, be happy, and get rich so you can have your face printed on bags with a thumbs up for whatever you chose cause you are the Chair-MAN! p.s. Every item in Roundy's stores are $1.00 more per item then most anywhere else.  I say he is Bob the Robber.  He cant sue me can he?  LOL chitola that be bad. Do we still have freedom of speech or has congress stopped that too?
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