Friday, March 15, 2013

Bob lives Diane Ogden

BOB!  Bob Ogden woke up with an abscess below his eye from the "funny farm fight."  You know that place, farm, I was raised on where someone dropped this sweet precious feline off to fend for himself.  I suspect they knew he needed some medical attention and said, "No way Hose." I should probably call Bob Hose and see if he responds.  Back to my point. I dropped Bob of at Banfield Clinic for the third time, where Dr. so and so (She gave me some financial slack so I don't want to say her name publicly) took excellent care of him all day. She told me all the staff is pulling for Bob.  He is the only cat in the history of her years as a Veterinarian who didn't need to be sedated to have a needle aspiration below the eye.  Everyone loves Bob!  BUT..... I asked Dr. so and so if Bob could die?  She shrugged and said..."If we could do all we need to do to find out it would cost $900.00.  That being said, we will take it day to day with Bob and hope for the best."  And so I agree.
She also added a very strong antibiotic called doxicillian, $100 for the liquid, $46.00 at Target, and $10 at Banfield,  to the clavamox plus eye ointment.  Oh and she mentioned the big dogs. You know the eye specialist I could take him to but they cost huge astronomical gargantuous bucks. 
America needs to get a grip!!  But I don't see that happening until America hits bottom.  I only hope I am dead and gone before Korea bombs my and Bob's ass.  (sorry but it just fits right in there ya know?) Ass I mean. 
Okay so I am sitting in the waiting room waiting for Bob.  There is wooden bench to sit and wait on.  They bring Bob out and set him next to me.  I feel so dang bad for Bob!  He looks like chit.  His eye is still swollen even after the extraction of much puss and blood, they told me.  He has rec'd fluids, and an enema type medicine considering his belly was full of poo.  And they also sent home worm meds.  Jeez !! 
Poor Bob!!  I felt so bad for him I scooted backwards on the wooden bench to be able to bend down and speak soft words of comfort to him when I ungracefully fell backwards off the stupid bench. (Ha likes its the benches fault duh) I hit the hard metal edge of the dog scale with my elbow and my ars ass hit the edge of it and slid onto the floor and oh yes I had an audience!  Like several people waiting to pic up their animals plus the staff at the desk and the ones wandering about.  One said, "Are you okay?"   I said, "I think so, physically but not sure humiliatingly."  They laughed, and I could have cried a dang river from what my week with Bob and what the Care Credit Card might do to me.(CARE Creidt ya right Care)  If I don't pay it off in 6 months the interest is to the moon Alice.  30%!!!  Is that out of the ball park robbery and I have good credit.  So.....I am getting my cardboard sign ready head out for the Macy's intersection to see if folks wont donate to my loving cause.  BOB! You know like the guy that stands by the WalMart intersection making everyone so darn nervous cause you want to give him a $20 but your not sure if he is for real.. And then the guy that brings his dog and makes the dog sit there in the snow all day while he stands with his cardboard sign and Styrofoam cup!! Maybe I should write to Ellen!  I don't need $25,000, I need $500!  That should be doable huh?    And one last and most important thing.  I prayed big for Bob.  I told Charles, (God who I call Charles) "Ya know Charles, I if I believe and I use your name cause I have no power without your sons name  Jesus.....well then Bob will be fine."  So be it!!  Bob will be fine. No more need for credit  or to write Ellen, or for my blood pressure to hit the moon over a dumped off cat.  No, I just the need to pay it off and enjoy Bob for the rest of his life or find him a wonderful home.  Either way hooray for Charles!  And or all the gracious givers at the intersection of Macy's and Midvale Boulevard that Charles sent!  Reminds me of the woman that prayed to win the lottery and she got overtime instead!! 
So until my next adventure  ........... be safe, be well, be happy, and get rich so you can fix a blessed stray cat that comes to you for help without your B.P. going to the moon. And some corporate credit card charging you 30% interest even tho you have good credit.   Laters

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