Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wisconsin Winterwonderland... January 2013 Diane Ogden

The meteorologists said this was coming and indeed it did. There are snowstorms, blizzards, and so on but this one was a beauty.  When I say beauty I don't mean a blizzard ....I mean it was beautiful.  Teens say "bad" when they mean good....but this was GOOD.  No one died....and it was a true winter wonderland called awesome.  I couldn't stop taking pictures even tho some didn't seem to turn out as good as what I was looking at.  Humm.   The snow was heavy...some snow is light and breezy, some is heavy and packing, some is wet and sloshie....  This was a good packing snow.  Long as my 6 lb. little girl dog can find a spot to pee wee are good.  So from this Northern Territory of Happy Snow...   Be Happy, Be Safe, Be Well, and get the heck rich so you can buy a sled, or good tires, or a snowboard, or a vacation trip to Florida to get the H outta this here place after that pretty snow gets dirty brownish gray.... Pretty or not Fred....(it's twenty below ......   nite
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