Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wisconsin Badger 5 Diane Ogden

So every week for several years I have purchased a Badger 5 blessed ticket with the same numbers each week.  4-12-13-21-22.   All my children's birth dates and mine, two being the same.  That being said I think I should knock this off and change it to the winning football team in the country.  Seriously people.  Winners are winners. Are my family winners?  They are normal folk but not touch downer's that get millions.  No offense kids....But hey I do numerology and I know...yet there is that lil measure of notsosurity.  You know?  Haven't you seen those folks win outathebluewho!  God told me once during a meditation that "Someone has to win!"  He also told me once during a meditation that he once knew a woman that prayed to win the lotto and she got overtime instead!!!"
That would be me.  Yet I have hope that one day I will hit it big.  I am DUE!  Do is a moving word...  Do it, Do it, Do it!  See its a word that expressed movement.  Well not necessarily positive movement but hey the lotto is never negative...the lotto is always positive HOPE.  That being said..... my $28 dollars a month is a good investment.  I have won many $1 and $2 and twice $50 dollars.   Whoopee eeww...  I am so afraid to stop buying the numbers I buy as the superstition overwhelms me.....
My Mother bought the same numbers for years and one week she did not and missed (SIT DOWN) $18,000.000.00 dollars.  I thought she was going to have a mental breakdown.  Not so sure I would blame her.  OMG...  But she has food so she's good.  Oh and a new car too.  And a farm and so on. 
So until I find something interesting and or humorous, be happy, be safe, be well, and get the heck rich so you can stop buying one lotto a week and move on.  Maybe a new SUV and help for the sad animals.  I tell you when you die you will see something... And what you will see is  That you can talk to the animals.  Go ahead call me crazy lady today, but that day you will "get it."  And no lotto will mean anything then. 

Feb 6, 2013


All you need is LOVE and Dreams!

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