Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Windows 8 .................by Diane Ogden

There it is!  My new Samsung Notebook with Windows 8.  I must have thought I was at a restaurant or a fancy clothing store where I could "order up" what I preferred vs not getting what I want because when I told the salesman I preferred Windows 7 and would he have one of those in stock please?  He giggled, yes giggled, and said, "No I don't because they don't make those anymore.

What if we went into a restaurant and ordered scrambled eggs @ $3.98 and the waitress informed us they weren't available anymore.  Can only get sunnyside up @ $9.98.  Doesn't that have a name?  Didn't I learn in school something about this?  It has a name and darned if I can think of it.  When a company or government only allows one company to have it all.  I guess its time to Google that one. 

And this is why my son tells me over and over to buy APPLE!  I haven't because I would have to buy so much to replace what I already have it would cost a small car loan's worth.  But after yesterday I might think harder on that decision.  You see "it" is sitting behind me on a TV Tray. Yes sitting there waiting for me to figure "it" out.  I called Best Buy and informed them there was no CD in the box with my new Samsung Notebook to teach me how to use Windows 8.  The lady put me on hold (probably scared to tell me the truth) and passed me onto a fellow who said, "They don't offer those anymore!"  I said, "Oh, wonderful, what am I supposed to do with this black box then, sit and star at it?"  I was not born in the decade where kids are born with ready made techno chips in their brains.  I was born when they used the word arithmetic and the milkman delivered our milk right to our back door.  Thus is where the term, "That kid came from the milkman."  Maybe that is where my brother derived from since I recall my mother being in her nightgown once when he came in the back door. Hummm.   (Bet she doesn't know I remember that one) Hey she covered her tracks, she named him after Grandad!  I knew he didn't belong. LOL.  My luck he reads this.  So what's my point?  I am not sure I can even Google how to use Windows 8.  Actually my favorite was and still is XP!!  XP was fun.  And every time they (Corporations) come out with a new Windows none of your old programs work in the new deal.  I may return it and just keep repairing my old Windows 7.  They are controlling what I want and can have.  I want scrambled and they tell me I cant have it.  Microsoft is not democratic.  Ya think?  But then not much is anymore.  I figure my big old box TV would have way outlasted this skinny not so HD as they said TV will. It is built to die soon.  My Grandmothers refrigerator is still running in my parents garage and that is like one of the FIRST General Electric Icebox'es.  Seriously.
So maybe not so funny here, or happy, but interesting if you have encountered Windows 8 and informative in case you do.
So be happy, be safe, be well, and get rich so you can buy APPLE!!  They make things for you to add-on vs replace and have to throw away all the old discs that wont work on the new products.  I guess they think we are dumb.  humm
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