Sunday, February 24, 2013


I noticed we Americans have a new reality show coming to once again grace our ways.  Cross our paths, honor our existence, bless our spirits, teach us how to live better, and so on.  Yup, it's called  Myrtle Beach Manor.  It is barely a step up or should I say down from Honey Boo Boo. Another representative of American redneck heritage all the way to the corporate banks
After viewing the trailer for Myrtle Beach I was taking the dog out for a podie run.  Standing there in the gorgeous Wisco Sun (23 days to Spring) part of my brain speaks to the other part and says, "Humm, someone, no many, are cashing in on the trailer trash image.  And in case you didn't know it, there is another amazing show about Gypsy's who get married in outlandish gowns that look worse than what 7 year old girls put together from their dress up chests. Much worse not to mention the attitudes that match their verbiage. (reminds me of garbage) Of which I also have in the backyard of Ancestors.  See below Joe.

 Back to standing in the sun with various parts of my brain talking to other various parts of my brain saying:  "Hey Mama, you got yourself some trailer folk in the background!  Dig deep honey(boo boo and pull out some of that redneck family heritage trash and cash in!"  Its much easier to talk trash, act trash, and look like trash, than to play Orange County Wife Swap or whatever that is....
And maybe its more fun too.  Hey, Myrtle Beach is no more than a dramatic Dukes of Hazard show....  you know with Daisy Duke in her too short shorts and southern dumb drawl.  Not saying the southern drawl is dumb...unless Daisy is speakin' it.   And I could find me a shotgun somewhere along with an old Chevy or Ford pic up truck.  I could do it!  I could! But what if "it" rubbed off on me considering I have some of those roooots.

Do I want to?  The bank says yup....the brain says nope.  So until I hear, find, think, or see anything interesting or funny like my family above.  Be safe, Be well, Be Happy, and get rich so you don't have to fake being trailer trash to make big $.  Or maybe they are having the time of their lives playing trailer time on TV.  I think so.  P.S. the one in the hat is my Great Gma...  Second to left is my now 81 year old Mother.   The trailer belonged to my Grandmother (center bottom with her leg over some man's leg who I think is a direct descendant of the famous Judge Michael Torphy of Madison Wisco)
No seriously. 
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