Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Selling Gold..............by Diane Ogden

Today I took a little drive to a small town I grew up in to visit the local Goldsmith who is an old acquaintance.  I had made the decision to sell my Grandad's Gold non-working and broken pocket watch and wanted that to be with someone I trusted.  I am a very sentimental person so this was very hard for me to do.  But hey, it has sat on my bedroom shelf along with his WWII dog tags and his sunglasses for a couple decades or so.  I thought of having the watch shell melted down into a nugget for a necklace but decided not to.  I did ask the watchmaker at William Howard Jewelry if it could be repaired.  He wasn't sure but he did wish to purchase it. He said he liked a challenge.  He wanted to purchase it but not for much because it was  gold filled..... The Goldsmith didn't really want it so Watchman gave me $25 or $35 I cant recall which.   I figured what the heck and moved onto the diamond earring I found laying on the ground that has been hanging around in my jewel box.  I wore it a few times but it wasn't the style I prefer so I sold it to the Goldsmith. I figured if I croaked (passed onto the next life) my kids might not even find the tiny thing or know it was REAL. So all in all my little trip to the little town blessed me with near $100.00.  I hope Grandad is not upset.  Probably not. If so he can go visit Bill Howard or the watchman!  So until next time.....you know the routine.  Be well, Be happy, Be safe, and get rich so you don't sell your Grandfathers pocket watch for pocket change.  (I didn't have to do that, I chose to)  Doesn't Grandad look like Rhett Butler a little?  I thought so too.
William Howard Jewelry
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Stoughton, WI  53589
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