Monday, February 18, 2013

Prissy Pants Lady ............ by Diane Ogden

So I was not able to do my weekly grocery shopping last eve due to the fact I lost my car keys which also had my apt. and mailbox keys on well as my clicker, meaning my clicker to lock the doors, panic button, trunk button blah blah blah.  So I went to the grocery store today, Monday as well as to the Buick dealership to purchase a new CHIP in key which cost $40.00. I ran into another lady today who told me her CHIP key cost her $600.00.  Robbery I say! Back to my point.  I go to a grocery store that is non corporate owned.....  not like Wal Mart yet those are the sorts of folks I sometimes see there especially during a full moon.  Today I didn't see weirdo's but I did see Prissy Pants...  I almost laughed out loud while in the meat department when I looked up and saw Prissy Pants. 
Size 0-2 slick tight pants they call leggings, boots, leather jacket, long blonde fifty year old locks, all good until I saw the "mug."  (face)  OMG....This woman had long hair she curled in thick spirals, blonde or course..... and the look on her face was unforgettable.  SMUG...Sneering...half "COCKED" smile, and the fellow walking next to her was OMG so proud of his trophy priss "cocked" smiling lady...  I almost threw up in the isle.  Well not really but p l e a s e...  She was about 50 something and he was younger and so proud of her.  She must do something besides curl those locks. (I didn't say cocklocks) And omg the struttttt..  her strutttt... you know the bounce in the step with the boots on thingy.  I thought I should forget where I was and who I was at that nano second.  Why?  Because it was so out of the ballpart bad. He followed her like a puppy dog.  Seriously.  But then this is life.  And he is happy and she is bouncing uppie downie...  and I am laughing my ass off  knowing they are in for a rough landing from this plane ride.  Hope it is worth it Babbs. 
It was definitely worth it for me.  The laugh alone was great except I was embarrassed for her.  The Blonde ya know?
Maybe I was "The Blonde" once or twice in my lifetime so I better s h u t u p...and let those people be
who they are. I have a refrigerator magnet that says to "Honor everyone else's path!" So I should let them enjoy each other until they figure out why we/they are all here which isn't to prissy pants through the grocery store smugly.  Ever notice that word?  S M - Ugly. 
So until tomorrow or the next day when I come across something/anything happy, be safe, be well, and get rich so you can prance through the mall, the grocery store, the car wash, church, or even anywhere.  With a bit more class I do hope.  Laters...
p.s. I know the photo is Lady GaGa but it sort of represents the lady I saw today....totally but with boots on.
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