Friday, February 1, 2013

My Pissy Little Diane Ogden

So... let 's be positive?  Sure, Okay.....Mind if I start tomorrow considering big foot upstairs kept me up all of last night.  They go out drinking on Thursday nights and he either has prostate issues, anger management needs, or serious OCD, because he TROMPS from room to room for hours. Number two.....One of my Grands is fussing with her sister which is big fat drama, and there is not one darn thing worth watching on TV unless I flip through so many channels I need a  hand brace.  Main channels are scary FBI shows.  Then there is this new show called The Neighborhood with Tina Fay that is awful! (In my opinion that is).  Of course I wish them all success but eeeww. Awful.  So I switched to TLC hoping to find something more beneficial for my brain cells and what do I find.  Well, if it isn't precious "Honey boo boo!"  And her redneck overweight mac n cheese eating fam.  They are atrocious. (In my opinion that is) I tell you its the reason the Muslims hate us.  They see this lack of class and morals shit on our radar and its no wonder....  America has lost its way.  I think it is called GREED.   Use little children and their parents with no manners to say the least, put them on Reality TV and make fun of them for $. (I saw an add for the show where Honey BooBoo told the audience to look at the fat crease in her Mom's neck which at that point the Mom raised it up and there was a line of brownish blackish DIRT like navel wads all in her neck crease.  I almost vomited.  Seriously.  What will become of the sassy  Honey Boo Boo in ten years?  I am old enough to realize the consequences of this reality show on this child.  Or maybe I am wrong and she will be the next Mae West, or Marilyn Monroe.....Not without manners lessons!!  Eeww Eeww Eeww. Barbara Wa Wa says they are a very nice family.  O K A Y...  I shut the TV off. Don't want FBI, Don't want Boo Boo, Don't want politic lies Dont care for one wedding after another...... and this isn't funny or goodnight.
And what's happy about this post is that this is the end.
I'll try harder.....     
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