Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Murder in the Diane Ogden

So this is not the dark scary boathouse I came in contact wiht earlier this year because I wouldn't want to use the real one. I had to change the names and place of incident to protect ME!  When I first encountered this home, I was taken on a tour of it's 4,000 sq. feet.  We got the the second basement family area, meaning this house has four levels and we were on the rock bottom level facing the lake.  I was sort of excited to open the door and check out the view which I did.  I opened the door and immediately shut the door on the dark dreary frightening boathouse I had just come face to face with.  Some say I am psychic and I am to a degree.....When I opened that door I sensed a murder had taken place in that boathouse and the spirit of the victim was still there. Or maybe it was a murderous spirit still there.  All I know is that spirit was frightening!!  I took the job offered to me which means I go to that home weekly and have never opened the door or blinds to that boathouse since that day.  And every worker/helper that has ever gone with me to that house tells me they do not feel comfortable there. (I never tell them about the spirit in the house)  The helper I have had for the past several months, and I, agree in prayer before we go into "The Lakehouse" every week and that has worked. We hold hands in agreement and tell the bad spirit it has to leave in Jesus name while we are in the home.  That it can come back when we leave and not before.This has worked for several months now... Until Today. I took my daughter with me to help out as the regular helper called in.  My daughter is extremely psychic and although I didn't tell her about the spirit......when we walked in to the house she told me she needed me to work with her as she didn't feel comfortable being alone in this house. I didnt ask any questions because I didnt want to hear what she might say.  And so per her request we worked together.  Then came time to go to the deepest basement area. Everything seemed to be going well until my daughter clearly and certainly said, "There is a murderous spirit around here!"  I was sitting on the steps and immediately felt cold as ice and smelled the distinct odor of sewer.  I knew it was the murderer.
I told my daughter to give me her hand and we agreed "it" had to leave in Jesus name.  It left within seconds as did the stink of sewer.  Bad spirits many times have a bad odor.  I thought my daughter was going to faint she was so scared and overtaken by the entire incident.  Cant say I was too happy about it.  I had worked for a long long time keeping that spirit away so we could work in peace.  Now I have to start over.  I had even called a prayer group in Oklahoma to help with this "one" way back when I first encountered "it" and now here we go again. 
So until next time I find something interesting or happy or funny.
Be Safe, Be Well, Be Happy, and get rich but just remember spirits don't care about $....... So take authority over any bad air you sense around you.  That'll make your day better.
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