Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentines Diane Ogden

As you recall or don't recall, I missed Christmas due to the 2012 flu.  It lasted way too long almost to the end of December...   That being said, I just took my tree down.   Considering I was behind "Time," I missed Valentines Day also.  So here I am trying to make up for it.  Whenever I see a heart in an odd place I take a photo of it.  As in the Baby Swiss Cheese I brought in my lunch today....   And once at a clients I observed a precious little heart nature had placed in one of the oak pieces of their hard wood floors in the kitchen.  That would have solidified my decision to purchase that home also.
Another time, Grace and I were visiting a neighbor.  Grace wondered off into her bedroom where later upon walking into that room I saw it! OMG - She peed with love a heart right there in the carpet. Seriously!  I couldn't make this one up. 

So I am wishing everyone to find hearts like I do.  In Swiss Cheese, in hardwood lumber flooring, in dog urine.  Well what can I say except it is what it is. 

So until I find some more hearts in strange places....  be safe, be happy, be well, and well, money really cant help you find these kind of hearts...but it can help you find and help many hurting hearts.  "Laters...."
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