Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cigarettes, Wedding Cake, and Diane Ogden

I don't get horrifically stressed to often but I did this morning.  And after a couple hours and no heart attack I suddenly had the urge for a cigarette.  I quit smoking ten years ago July!  And here I am standing in my kitchen craving a cigarette or even a long tasty cigar which would have helped along he heart attack for sure.  No worries I didn't run out in the freezing cold, start my Buick and head for the Kwik Trip and spend, what are they now?  $7.50 a pack Jack?  Even if they are bad that is sheer robbery.  I survived the momentary craving and moved on.  Actually it happened twice this morning.

I have always said,  "If I am ever told I have terminal anything (except terminal stress) I will go out and purchase and carton (one will kill me!) of cigarettes, a wedding cake (I love the old fashioned heart attack frosting on white wedding cakes), and a bottle of good Scotch.  That'd be enough to do me under.  No morphine needed, no bridge needed, no gun needed, no bottle of pills, no rope, no river, no mac truck, no brick wall, (you can see I have put some thought into this - NOT!)

Nope the Sugar, Nicotine, and Scotch would have DEAD written all over them.  But what a way to go!!  My only fear is if it is the A word (Alzheimer's) I might forget to do it.  

So until next time and if I well, be happy, be safe, and be WELL.  And get rich so you can hire a hit man for yourself if you need to.
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