Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wisconsin Lottery (for squirrels)...........by Diane Ogden

Of course I wont leave the plastic bag on the Squirrel Lotto. I know they could choke to death on it. Lil yard rats anyway .... so one of my clients calls them. I would have never thought of that and since she has said it I cant forget it. Okay back to my point. It is wind chill of 25 degrees below zero here in Wisco this week. And the last snowstorm produced 18 inches. That being said I noticed my beautiful pewter nut dish sitting on the table still almost full of walnuts and those other ones I forget. I was not going to eat any more of them and I couldn't bear to throw good nuts away. I stood in the kitchen staring at them. Then I thought.....can squirrels break these nuts? Wait, how do they break nuts open? They can break acorns so they should be able to do these jobbers. Or maybe I should pack a little hammer for 'em considering I am going to this length anyway. So I get to my first client and pull out my plastic bag of nuts. She says don't leave that in my yard! They will all stay waiting to be fed more.  So I packed up my bag of nuts and took it to the next clients. (That is where I took the photo) but there weren't any trees so I packed up my nuts and they are back home with me again. These nuts are driving me nuts. What do I care about a few yard rats, I mean fluffy little cold hungry critters who may not be able to crack those big ones anyway.... 
I'll try again tomorrow. 
So until I find something funny or more interesting, Be Safe, Be Well, Be Happy, and just for shits and giggles Get Rich for a million reasons. 
P.S.  My movie didn't work last night because I rented a BLU RAY!  I didn't know it was a BLU RAY!! I took the movie back and they gave me the right one for my equipment.  The End. 
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