Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wine Drinking Cork Diane Ogden

If I drank wine which I do not because my elbows get numb and weak after a mere half a glass.  Then after a glass and a half I am drunk. Yes, a staggering fool.  Sooo that being said I do not drink wine.   Actually I think its a sugar issue with me.  I can have a mixed drink with Scotch and soda and be fine, but not wine.  That being said I may never be able to have one of these fine cork-boards.  I think this board is one of the classiest ideas I have seen in some time.   Hope it gives someone the inspiration to drink enough wine to make one. 
So until I find another cool idea at a clients home or elsewhere, or something humorous, Be Safe, Be Well, Be Happy (drink wine) and get rich so you can buy an amazing cork-board like this.  Or just buy a billboard!  See ya
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