Saturday, January 19, 2013

Trigger Diane Ogden

I am not a person anyone needs to worry about having a happy trigger finger. With all the gun control discussions going on and for good reason, me, I have an unhappy trigger finger. Not a finger that is itching to shoot off any automatic weapon which I don't understand why anyone would need to have unless they were in the middle of warfare with an enemy country anyway. Or walking around Alaska waiting for a Grizzly attack. No mine is a pissed off tendon in my middle finger. Someone asked me if I had "shot" too many "birds" at other folks. Nah, I don't do that too often. You can get a $50 fine for doing that in traffic and that's the only place I would even consider doing that.  I am ashamed to say.
Well not that ashamed, but a lil ashamed. So what's my point? IDK. My finger hurts like the dickens whatever that means. I do wonder who dickens was and how he got hurt to have his name used for centuries linked to trouble. I am using a brace so middle finger doesn't lock either straight up bird style, or bent so as to make me freak out. OMG can you imagine my middle finger stuck straight up giving everyone in sight everywhere I go the BIG BIRD??  I  am holding it in a glass of ice water which isn't helping. Shit I don't want a needle of cortisone into the palm of my hand. I barely take an aspirin ever. But since I can barely comb my hair, ( omg you should see it eeeww) or wipe my blank.... I better find an answer soon. Isn't this fun talk? Automatic weapons to ass wiping issues. Now I am embarrassed and I have the urge to flip the bird at something. My dog? Nah... poor baby didn't do anything. Maybe the Christmas tree? Nah...And yes the tree is still up because I had to cancel Christmas due to the stupid flu. 

I don't own that Annie Oakley pistol set so no worries I might go downstairs and shoot up the trash room. No worries amyway as hand has no strength to even pick up the darn gun. A set of dishes would be nice. Break one at a time but then again that is all negative and a tad violent. I am not violent. Just mad at my finger right now.

I will be fine one way or the other.  I am afraid it might be the other.  So until I find something more pleasing to discuss....Be Well, Be Happy as the above photo states, Be Safe, (I haven't felt safe in public lately, more than a few times since the latest shooting of the lil ones) and get rich so you can take time off to rest and abate the finger surgery deal.  
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