Thursday, January 17, 2013

Three A.M. Diane Ogden

So for the past month almost to the day I have woke (woken, no such word is there?) up at almost exactly 3:00 a.m.  It's not funny, its awful because I remain awake until around 5:00 ish....  I have no alarm because I have never needed an alarm until now. I do not know how to set my smart phone alarm YET but I may have to learn considering this demon wont leave me alone.  So tonight I do what I always do when I don't know what to do.....I Google it.  And omg I have to share the hilarity of this one.  Actually Goggle went to Yahoo to find out.... 

Elisa says:  I always get scared a demon is in my room so I just keep my eyes closed until I hear my TV on again. Does it sound like a Demon or something?

Delicata says:  3:00 has a special meaning to Christians and superstitious people - 3am is the 4th watch. The Lord wakes us up at this hour because it is then he can get our attention. During the day or when we first go to bed, we have other things on our mind. 3am is when our minds are clear and we can hear him and he can speak to us. When the Lord wakes you up at this hour or around this time, people believe you should pray and listen.

I say:  Pray Brotha Pray and make it go away.

Chica says:    I was told it was because my mother didn't "flip me" when I was a child. (meaning that if my body was lying in a north-south position, that i be changed to a south-north position, and if that didn't work, try it east-west or west-east until sleeping patterns normalized. Change was supposed to be dramatic and instant.)

Dino says:  It does sound a bit weird. But first of all you might want to check with your electrical supply company and see if there were any regular interruption at around the time you always woke up. Demons don't know electric stuff so well to be messing with all ur electrical appliance. So don't be afraid.  (BEST ONE YET I SAY)

Seeliox says:  I'm a very spiritual person, so there is another facet of this that is worth mentioning. Jesus died at 3 p.m.   But if you are in America, especially in the Central time zone, 3 p.m. in the time zone that he died, is in actuality, 3 a.m. or roughly thereabouts in our time here in the U.S. Also, a lot of things revolve around 3's. The holy trinity, 3 p.m. of the crucifixion, the crow clucking 3 times, so on, etc.

shAAA says:  ! I never saw the Exorcist movie. I'm not sure why this happens at 3am. Maybe it has something to do with the planets.

Anyuserwilldo replied to pooh27's:  (WHOA READ ON!!)
I also frequently wake up at 3am. I've heard that if you drink alcohol in the evening, this can be when the sedative effect wears off, and you can be roused from sleep. However, many nights when this happens, I haven't been drinking at all. Last night, something extra strange happened. I happened to be awake already at 3am, and my dog, who had been happily asleep by my side in the dark, picked up her head and began to howl. It was a long, eerie, but very beautiful and mournful howl. My dog is 6- and I have only heard her howl one other time, when she was awaking from anesthesia. A strange occurrence. The theory that most interests me is that a deceased loved-one could be allowed to check in on us at this time (I lost my 25 year-old brother a year ago to a car accident). Also, I do live in a neighborhood with many elderly people, so the old superstition of a dog howling to announce a death is interesting as well.
The Happy News Lady is now totally freaked out!  I do wish I had not looked this up because if my dog howls at 3:00 a.m.  I may poop myself.  I have heard many of these so called old wives tales but never this many all gathered together at once.  Jeez Louise!

One for the road or fore bedtime:
Lukeperry responded:
3 am is said to be when Demons are at their strongest.
I have heard that possessions usually occur between 3:AM to 4:AM. 
The Happy News Lady is now never going to bed again!  Holy Jesus went to Venus and left me alone at 3:00 a.m. to fight the demons and the howling dogs telling me someone is dying.  Oh Lord Shirley.... The TV may never be shut off after dark again.  Wait, I know....I will put in an add for a roommate that will sleep with me!  Oops sounds like that 3:00 a.m. demon must have got into me after all huh? 

Until next time, Be Safe (from demons), Be Well, (Pray), and Be Happy (Drink before bed!)  And just for shits and giggles get dang rich and laugh at the 3:00 a.m. demons while your sleeping with the new roomie you bought!   

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