Monday, January 14, 2013

The Wild Long Black Diane Ogden

I have a wild hair. Yes a wild hair. No I am not wild in one area, I have one wild hair in my left eyebrow. Eeww huh? Yeah that's what I say. It is black as the ace of spaces and straighter than Betty White. Stick straight and sticks straight out too. I look like my dad without a trim. Just thank God and the Universe its not in my nose. O M G. Its like one day it isn't there and the next its a half inch long. No shitski Shirley. Why its embarrassing to even look at in my own privacy mirror. Okay so its not that embarrassing. Just annoying. Suppose it could have a mole attached and be on my cheek or lip.
"Look at the size of that thing. I should let it grow longer in the event that I may someday need to use it for a comb over." ( I stole that line from the chic that posted this amazing Hair Gone Wild on her blog
And that is exactly like my hair gone wild and in the same spot should I let it get away and grow anyway. Which to me is the next thing to a National Emergency. (that line was plagiarism with credit due. Cute huh? Notsomuch. And hey its stiff too! Not a soft hair or a curly hair or a blonde hair, no its a long black witchy wild hair. I wonder "witch" lie I told that caused this hair to go nutz.
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