Monday, January 21, 2013

Techno Diane Ogden

So that is not me in the photo. Her boobs are perky and she has a waist. Just kidding so do I. 
      My photo would have be me and more wires, three TV's, one DVD player, one PC, and one LapTop. Me trying to find an extension cord to plug in the DVD player. Me holding the 32 inch HD not as clear as it should be TV extended out over the mantel balancing it with one arm while searching for the red white and yellow inputs that were upside down under a ledge on back of said TV.   None of which would play the movie "Hope Springs" that I rented today. I don't rent movies as I have NETFLIX but Netflix doesn't offer the movie Hope Springs. Last weekend I joined CinemaNow put out by Best Buy so I could watch Hope Springs on my PC. I even paid $3.99 and he movie wouldn't play. Same story diff day! I called my son in L.A. to help me hook up the DVD player which I did. I have never needed one because I have a tablet and the two computers I can watch movies on. So it was input red to input red and white and yellow blah blah. I messed around for three hours trying to get that movie to play somewhere. On my PC it just clicked. On the laptop same thing. The lil blue circle just kept circling and circling even after the movie was taken out. Scary as it was gone. When I put it in the DVD player that was actually hooked up a message came on saying it was unable to play that video. I finally called Family Video and he told me sometimes they get a defective video. YA THINK DINK! Three hours later tator! Breakdown clown! Clever Trevor! Freako Fred!  Okay...settle down.  I'm good.....   So until I have another breakdown or find something funny....Be Safe, Be Well, Be Happy, and get rick, (there I go again calling in Rick)  Get Rich so you can buy an APPLE and have the Geeks come and set the whole mess up for you.  Seriously. 
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