Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Face! My Face! Diane Ogden

I am almost older than dirt! That being said do take notice of the face cremes on hand at present time. Actually now that I see it as it truly is I might be a face creme hoarder. Should I call the networks? Nah, maybe next year. Let me say I have used, no I do use:

- Bobbi Brown
-Elizabeth Arden Ceremide
-Estee Lauder Night Repair
-Estee Lauder Swiss Formula
-Burt's Bee's Night Creme
-Walgreens Glycolic Acid
-Mary Kay exfoliator and Refresher
-Nutregena Advanced Resurfacing'
-Nutregena Day Repair
-VASOLINE oh yes!!
-We Care Cocoa ButterCream
-L'Bri Gentle Moisture Lotion
-Derma Repair Hydroxy Acid-C
-Aloette Retorative Enzyme Peel
-Arbonne Night and Day Creme
-Derma Life Protective Moisturizer
-Lancomb Hydra Zen

Okay so I don't use all these at once or I would be sliding or sticking all over my pillows eeeeww..  It's because I am older than dirt that I feel the need to try to soften the ruts in my face.  So far nothing has worked very well.                              I was listening to the infamous Dr. Oz the other day and he said the latest trend is Coconut Oil.  I was thrilled because I had purchased a very expensive jar of the stuff for cooking and so I did cook with it ONCE!  It made my hash browns taste like my old suntan oil from the 70's!  I almost gagged.  So you can imagine the thrill when I realized I could use that nasty eating oil on my face, my feet, my scalp and in my eggs if I so choose which I do not.   I cant say I will throw all my million dollar face cremes out just yet.  But I am onto this Coconut Oil deal.  It is expensive, but way less expensive than that Bobbi Brown jar.  Holy Hundred Dollar bill!  So until I find something humorous and interesting.  Be safe, Be Well, Be Happy and get RICH so you can have the ruts in your face fixed for good. 
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