Sunday, January 13, 2013

Meet Chicken Diane Ogden

So this would be my little "Chicken" dog! She looks a bit scared with her lil ears back because Mama has put a coat on her. Not just any coat but a scary wild cat of the leopard type coat. This means she refused to "pee" outside. (don't panic she has podie pads inside) She also refuses to "pee" outside when its too cold, too wet, to icy, no grass in sight, too foggy, and so onBut there I stand anyway like a dummy saying, "GoPodie Gracie, Come on you can do it!" Like we are at a soccer or doggie swim meet. Jeez I get frustrated. Then is when I get the look you see in photo. "But Mom, I just cant. I just cant find the right spot!" Of course she gets a major treat if she goes outside so she does try. You should see her walking and squatting down the sidewalk, but not going while trying to find the right spot. All the while I am saying, "Go Podie Gracie, you can do it!" For all I know the baby bladder is empty and she is trying to please me. Good God. I took her out this morning and was amazed to be able to see the grass considering the blizzard of 2012
last month. But it was wet and foggy so I could see the look in her eye saying to me, "Piss on that grass. NOT going there and I'm outta here Mom." And so she was leaving me standing in the damp cold with coconut oil all over my hair and face. Couldn't find my baseball cap so I grabbed a ski hat and prayed not one of the hundreds that live here would come out those doors because it would be something they might never forget! Even I avoid the mirrors until I have my Sunday go to meeting face on thank you. Maybe that's why Grace wont pee. She doesn't recognize the face I was birthed with. humm.
LuLuBelle got it this morning too. I woke up to her nails scratching my Grandmothers antique sofa. I shouted from my comfy bed...."I'm going to kill you and make a pillow outta your furry ass!" She must know English because she ran like the wind. I expect the tenant above me did also. Soooo, until I run into another fancy funeral, or something interesting and maybe funny, Be Well, Be Happy, Be Safe and get rich so you can recover antiques without worry. And get a face fix for sure Molly!
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