Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jorianne The Coffee Diane Ogden

After doing some research regarding psychics (why? Tell you in a minute) I found this person to be very good at what she does via the Internet and YouTube.  I needed a serious life question regarding stolen property, answered.  So I contacted her office and set up a time and paid the price.  And what did she tell me?  She did see many things that were very right on.  And she said, "You could be a "reader" like I am!"  Okay...  I know I have some special small gift that knows things but I don't know them on command like if someone were to call me and ask me to channel their certain questions, the pressure would be OMG to the moon Alice.  And for those who do not know what that means, Google Jackie Gleason.  He was in a sit com many years ago and his wife's name was Alice.  When he would get mad at Alice he would look at at her and make a fist and say, "To the Moon Alice!"
And by the way I did get my answer.  It was the one I suspected and mine was free.  I guess sometimes in life we need a little boost, be it a massage, some Reiki, a run in the sun, a psychic who sees this when she pours cream into a cup of coffee.  Humm, maybe I will try it. I bet I will see all sort of things.  So until I find something more interesting or fun or happy.....  stay well, stay happy, stay safe, and get rich so you can watch the lady read the cream in her coffee for a long time and really see what she's got!  (Actually she was spot on many things)
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