Saturday, January 5, 2013 Diane Ogden

My Granddaughter needed a blankie for her baby.  So I did the latest trend thingy and went to the fabric store where I purchased a couple yards of fleece to take home and cut 4" strips on all sides, tie them, and whalla, we have us a no sew baby blankie.  I finished the first baby blankie while the doggie kitty sat in the middle of my lil project. Top view.  That led me to believe I needed to make my dog one of these no sew blankie's.   And so when I got home from work this evening I started to make the doggie blankie and as you can see the doggie must have known this, and the kitty must have also known she was being left out because holy blankie they took over my project to let me know they knew!! 
The doll is happy with her blankie too! 
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