Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Goodwill Hunting.............by Diane Ogden

I finished work early today and stopped at U.S. Cellular to have a couple questions answered.  I noticed the new Goodwill Store within walking distance so I did just that and walked over to see what treasures I might find.  I always  look at the dolls because they have very nice porcelain dolls my Granddaughters like to play with.  When scanning the array of dolls, mostly beat up, I come across old Alice here.  For $3.99 I took a chance on her.  I don't believe she is an antique but I liked her anyway. Check out her shoes.  They are painted on.  And the strings tied around her wrists and ankles give her a more antique appearance.   Her little hands are dirty. humm.  He head isn't glass but rather a type of paper maschay. (LOL- mache)  Okay I cant spell that. So here's the reason I bought old Alice.
I sometimes write rather racey posts while my friend Shirley http://cabincountess.blogspot.com is truly a cabin countess who cooks and feeds birds and makes her own soap for God sakes!  So after reading her blog post yesterday about how she made these cute little snowmen from a little pattern. (I would be making fancy jewelry while my mirrored disco ball rotated around the room to keep me happy)  So this is my short lived ditched effort to be wholesome and countrified.  Not sure that is a word.  Don't misunderstand, my friend Shirley is not a red neck, although they do have a red truck.  She is truly "A Cabin Countess!"  And I truly am not.  I am "The Apartment Goddess."  And we do just fine because we are both very creative only in different areas.  I like fairies, glitter, Christmas lights (white) that run around my counter and up to the top of my fridge, fur draped over my furniture, antique lace and jewelry, and thoughts of walking the busy streets of New York City!  I'd be scared living in the country.  Not sure why just would.  So here's Alice.... the closest thing I am going to get to country. Unless Alan Jackson walks in.  I'd live anywhere with him, except a boat. So until Alan arrives or I leave for NYC or I find something a bit more interesting......Be Safe, Be Well, Be Happy, and get rich so you can really shop.  And go check out Shirley's blog.  It really is quite interesting and fun. 
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